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How to Hide your Web Site – No Really !

Posted by productreview on April 29, 2006

Pay Per Click Guy talking about hiding a website – lol

I was perusing the lanes, as I am prone to do every once in a while, when I happened to see this interesting article.

I thought there was a typo of some sort, so I looked a little more closely and sure enough, it was on how to thoroughly hide your website so that you got NO traffic.

A little informative and a little amusing, so i thought i would blog about it.

The author, I suppose is really trying to say, that if you put informative interesting content on your website, that despite all you might do, the search engines will eventually find it.

Anyway, tell me what you think …

Assuming that you have a working functional site called, let’s look at what is required for to STOP traffic from quite naturally coming into the site.

The first thing that needs to do, is to somehow ensure that it is NEVER submitted to any search engine. And I do mean ‘any’, because submitting even to a minor search engine like will eventually come to the notice of both yahoo and google, and alas our first rule would be cardinally broken.

Oddly enough, its much more likely that Google will rank you quicker if you are found through a 3rd party website or search engine, than if you submitted your site directly to google, so…

More information here at the pay per click website.

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