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Acute Anxiety and Stress Attacks. Linden Method

Posted by productreview on March 3, 2006

Battling Acute Anxiety and stress syndrome. 

So many people suffer from acute anxiety and stress, including a few very close friends that i know. Most of my suffering friends simply don’t don’t know enough to “Google it” and check out what might be available.
Indigo Children from Indigo site.Then after one “Googles it”, it is still quite hard to be sure about know what is real and what is not.

Some additional research on the matter on both yahoo and Google appear to show a recurring theme.
The Linden-Method shows up time and time again.

 I saw an article over here on the Linden Method for Acute Anxiety and Stress Attacks, and was pleasantly surprised to find that one of my friends had actually tried this with positive but mixed results.
Knowing that particular buddy of mine, i have a feeling that following instructions may not be his strong suit but he is showing signs of popping out of his depressive state so…

I am sure that this is not the only site that has info on this. Google shows about 20 additional sites that seem to have something to do with the Acute Anxiety and Stress Attacks.

Will blog some more as I follow the progress…

9 Responses to “Acute Anxiety and Stress Attacks. Linden Method”

  1. Is this true? Have heard about Linden Method, but does it work?

  2. da man said

    Well, i can’t swear that it works either but references to the Linden-Method are all over the internet.

    Will be purchasing the book myself to see if the material makes sense.

  3. Panic Away

    This brought me back from the Brink!

  4. Panic Away Course

    This helped me out of those DARK PLACES.

  5. kramer said

    Beware of this product. If you need help from the company counselors, you will need to make long distance calls to England for help, unless you have email. If you are dissatisfied with the product, the company appears to be quick to take your money, but very slow, if ever, to return it. It’s been two months, and they still haven’t refunded the money to a friend. Perhaps they still will? Who knows. Best wishes to all who try it.

  6. I can categorically state that we have never taken more than a couple of days to refund money to a client who no longer wishes, for whatever reason, to continue using The Linden Method. I challenge anyone to provide evidence that this has ever happened. Instead of listening to the potentially ‘made up’ material here, visit our testiminials page at for example. Wit reference to costs of calls. For $177 you receive unlimited support to our qualified counsellors and psychologists for 12 months… is it too much to ask that you pay for the phone call? Be fair folks. Charles

  7. Sandy said

    HAHA and how do we know YOUR testimonials aren’t made up? You can’t provide proof either Charles. But thanks for your response.

  8. итак: восхитительно..

  9. welcome my site:

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